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"What student Panayiotis Zaphiris has managed to create is not so much a page on Cyprus as an encyclopedia. From a handy traveller's handbook to daily news and sports and an extensive picture section, this place has loads of info. And we're not talking stuffy, official-type material, either. You'll find a good bit on "the Cyprus Problem," which is how the author describes the Turkish occupation of part of the island nation since 1974. A growing section covers the plants and animals of Cyprus. It's that detailed. One of the finest national pages around."

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"The spirit of the ancient Greeks welcomes you to the island of Cyprus, where slightly more than one third of the area remains occupied by Turkey after the 1974 invasion. This extensive page covers all the minutae of the history, culture and politics of this troubled area and tries to encourage a little tourism in the process"

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"If you've never had the luxury of visiting this island nation situated near Turkey and Syria in the Mediterranean Sea, you will enjoy cruising the well-presented database housed at the Cyprus home page. Until Java utility developers create a "smell" applet, you will need your imagination to sniff the salty fragrance of the azure sea water or taste the sweetness of Cypriot wines pictured in the more than 100 images included in the site. Culture, history, and tourist attractions are enough to lure you to the Cyprus page, but its comprehensive content will inform you about the grim reality that 37 percent of the island since 1974 has been occupied by Turkish patriots. Links will guide you through the country's culture, daily news, sports, and even environmental issues."

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